Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Legacy: Part 10

Aimes has been having some difficulty adjusting to life in the Lo Household.

Although that could have something to do with an incident she had with Mathis on her first night there.
He's starting on his lady-killing a little early in life. 

She was finding she couldn't so much as get out of bed without tripping over a child.
 Aimes: "Y U NO GROW UP?!"

Aimes: "And what the hell is this shit in my face?!"

So she and Aedin decided to get away for a while and went on a honeymoon in Egypt!

Where Aedin continued her world tour for explorers...
 ...much to everyone's dismay.

But she didn't mind their assholery because there were pyramids to explore! So with Aimes in tow, she went to uncover ancient secrets.

And smash ancient rocks.

While Aimes supervised.
Aimes: "Fuck! I chipped a nail just by watching all the hard manual labor you're doing!"
Aimes: "And there is entirely too much dust flying around!"

 Aimes: "But damned if you getting all sweaty isn't making me hot!"

When the tent's a-rockin, don't come a-knockin.

So while Aimes went around collecting all the treasure, Aedin caught herself on fire.
Aedin: "My ass is hot!!"

But Aimes was too busy making a new friend to notice.
 She's so badass she made a dead guy piss himself in fear.

From all the time she spends folding towels at the gym, Aimes figured she had enough knowledge of athletics to take a scrawny wad of bandages in a fight.

But then this happened!

The whole embarassing ordeal of getting beaten by a guy half her weight and a million times her age caused Aimes to pass out. Fortunately Aedin's vampiric strength allowed her to drag Aimes' sorry ass back to camp.
Aedin: "You'll be fine. Just a little more derp than usual."

Sleep it off, sissy.
 I wish I could see the look on the face of the editor for the Egyptian paparazzi magazine when he's presented with photos of a tent.

They decided to spend the next day hanging around the camp in order to stay safe, but that turned out to be an equally bad idea.
 Seems the explorers were feeling pretty hostile about Aedin's opening gig and spent HOURS shitting themselves in anger about it.

 Jackass One: "Fuck off, hippy!"

But Aedin wasn't about to be scared off!
 Star power activated!

But the hostility just escalated.

Which is when I realized something...
 Holy fuck, they just hate lesbians.

 WTF, EXPLORERS?! Don't be haters!

But then there was this woman who was just pissed at her own stench.

Needless to say, they decided to get the hell out of there before anyone tried to burn their tent down. But what's this now?
Some sort of mummy's curse perhaps?

And just how the fuck do you manage to break a hole in the ground?
 Way to go Aedin! Maybe you should try reading some plumbing books next.

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