Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avaline for Download

She's just too cute to not share her!

Once again, I use awesomemod with the max slider range set to 3. I have pretty much every single slider in existence. You can see a rather large list of them towards the top of Zak's download page over here (obviously I didn't use the male hand slider on her). I don't remember what sliders I used exactly, but I recommend all sliders anyway.

Down to the CC!
Peggy hair 0040, retextured by Anubis
Lemonleaf's skin A2.0
Shyne's cheek pores
Lady Frontbum's candy crush eyeshadow
Lemonleaf's No8 Lipstick (95% sure on that one)
Aikea Guinea's short nails
Eyeliner is by EA.

And for her everyday clothes:
Anubis' H&M Conversion (the Jessica Bubble dress)
NY Girl's buttoned leggings
Square bangles from Garden of Shadows
Shoes are by EA.

She's so pretty. You know you want to download her.


  1. Thanks! I'm glad you think she's cute.

  2. Love love love love love her! <3<3<3<3<3

    I'm downloading her right now, just like your beautiful Ethan <3

  3. She IS really cute. I love her jaw! I am in love with her!