Monday, September 5, 2011

My Legacy

It occurred to me that maybe I should post my legacy story here so that I can share my oddball Sim dysfunctions with the world. It'll probably take a while since I already have five or six posts worth of it at the Spamalot forums, but I will get my blog up to speed as quickly as possible, which probably means I'll spend every waking moment that I don't spend doing homework working on this.

For now, I'll put up a link to the original legacy story, which had to be scrapped when half of the family members turned invisible and I had to start the whole household over. That can be found here.

And I will also put up a warning about my legacy, nice and large so everyone will see it.

There will be sex
There will be swearing
There will be homosexual relationships

I'm not saying you have to like it, but I'm certainly not apologizing it. So if you find out it's not your style, just don't read it.


  1. *adds to Lists of Legacys To Read*

  2. I swear I'll be putting up more soon. Homework and stuff just keeps getting in the way.