Monday, September 5, 2011

The Legacy: Part 1

 This should go without saying, but just in case, the photos are all thumbnails. You can click them to see the larger version.

This incarnation of the Lo Legacy started with Ashlyn and Matty in Bridgeport.

And Ashlyn has a new look.
It suits her a lot better than her old look.

I started the legacy a little late in the game, so they've already had their first kid (Aedin). But Ashlyn's currently working on their second child. Meanwhile, Matty's out getting "high", or something.
It's cool though cuz it's totally legal.

Matty: "I can see into eternity!"

Ashlyn's such a party animal that she decided at 2 in the morning that she NEEDED to throw a party LIEK NAO! So she set up a pool party for 10am. And as she was going through the possible guest list, I realized something FANTASTIC. ORIGINAL Matty is in this new, reset town. So he got an invite, and here he is in all his original glory.
He's thinking about his sweet shades.

OG Matty: "I swear this chick looks familiar..."

And then I created the paradox.
If my game had crashed at this point, I think I would have been too busy laughing to be mad, but it didn't. :(

OG Matty: "You're so much prettier than me that it makes my eyes burn." 
At least he can admit to it though, cuz it's true.

Ashlyn became friends with Lola Belle, who is a 5-star celebrity and also looks pretty damn awesome for an EA sim. But when Ashlyn decided to show her unadulterated excitement for all things party-related, they hit a snag in their friendship.
Lola: "Damn party animals!"
Ashlyn: "Fucking loners!"

Speaking of parties, everyone decided to bring some sort of food item, which has NEVER happened to me before. Even Original Matty brought a giant bowl of mac and cheese.
And here we've got a cheese platter, and some waffles in the background.

And on an unrelated note, Aedin is well on her way to accomplishing her Renaissance Sim lifetime wish.
Kid's got talent.

It hasn't yet been mentioned on this blog, but Ashlyn and Matty are totally in love with each other. They are constantly having autonomous romantic interactions.
He even kissed her while she's wearing those derpy maternity clothes. If that's not love, then at least the sex is good. ;)

Ashlyn was so touched by Matty's spur of the moment show of affection, that she decided to serenade him...while he slept.

All that raw vampiric rage is totally hot, by the way.

Ashlyn was hurt that Matty didn't enjoy her death metal love song, so she hit on the butler to make herself feel better.
(This is autonomous. I did not make this happen.)

Then everyone decided to read a book.
In the study.

In the living room at the exact same time. (Aedin is writing a book. Close enough.)


  1. Slow start is slow. I swear it gets infinitely better later on once I get into the routine of storytelling.

  2. LOVE SONG <3

    Lmao, I totally heard some Disturbed song in my midn when she was serenading him, I can imagine waking up to that XD

    Also, Aedin! She's adorable!

    And I hate when my "happy couples" go and start hitting on other people! STOP IT YOU'RE HAPPILY COMMITTED WTFFFFFF