Monday, September 19, 2011

The Legacy: Part 2

Baby Cori has been born, and here she is in all her toddler glory!
She was actually born with Matty's hair color, same as Aedin, but I thought Ashlyn should be fairly represented, so I tinted it a bit pink. I like it.

So remember how Ashlyn started hitting on the butler? Well once she went back to humping her husband, he suddenly announced they were mistreating him and quit. I guess awesomemod's disabled jealousy doesn't work on the help.

And just as Cori was getting into her terrible two's, Aedin grew up into a teenager. And what did EA roll for her?
Ew, no! And why is she wearing what looks like maternity clothes? Let me fix that for you...

  Have you ever seen a more beautiful sim? The correct answer is "no", because that's just not fucking possible.

I think that pickup line either goes like "I want to paint your naked" or "I'll make you come rainbows"...
 So now that both girls are a little more grown up and enjoying each others company at last, everyone decides to leave Cori at home and go to France.

Aedin immediately blends in with the locals.

While Ashlyn discovers she's a also a celebrity in France.
Aedin takes her coffee to a quiet corner and does her best to not look related to her mother.

But even she's spotted as a celebrity at the general store.
Ashlyn becomes fascinated with gnomes for about five minutes straight.

And Matty manages to find the only Chinese guy in France, and talks to him about space.
Matty: "I've seen into eternity, man!"

In an attempt to dodge the French paparazzi, Ashlyn and Aedin head out to the nectary. Aedin does a little under-aged drinking, and the locals do not seem pleased.
Fortunately, Ashlyn is too busy getting her drink on to give a shit about her bad parenting.

Back at the hotel...
Matty: "Time for some real fun down under!"
Ashlyn: "Wrong country, but I like your style!"

They'll probably get asked to leave tomorrow.

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  1. The butler makes me lol, poor guy thought he was going to get some... LOL JK BACK TO DOING THE DISHES WITH YOU

    Cori is so cuuuuuuute

    AEDEN IS SO PRETTY (the Katy Perry hair didn't look too bad on her but the maternity clothes are blegh; no teen wears clothes that dumpy!)

    I want to paint you naked > coming rainbows only because icky mental images

    Love the shot of Ashlyn with the gnomes

    The last bit of dialogue had me lol-ing. I LOVE THESE TWO