Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Legacy: Part 4

Fucking toilets! How do they work? Maybe you should stop clogging them with your morning sickness, m'kay?

These guys are starting to have some serious neurotic bookworm issues.

And I mean that. At last count there were 7 books laying around the house.
At the time this photo was taken, Matty had 4 books in his personal inventory, and Aedin had 2.

This is why they need a butler. Too bad they can't keep one employed.

And speaking of issues...
Ashlyn: "Can you say 'arson'?"
Cori: "Make it wook wike an assident!"

And speaking of accidents waiting to happen, guess who's playing in the bathroom? I seriously hope it's been cleaned lately.

And where are the parents?
Not giving a shit. All right.

That means it's a one person bathroom birthday party!
Why do you do this to these poor sims, EA?


Matty tries to give Aedin some fatherly advice.
Matty: "How can you see into eternity if you don't expand your horizons?"

So Aedin decides to go across the street to do her homework in the park.

Where she saw this Egyptian guy, who was having a disagreement with the swing set.

But as luck would have it, that's where she saw the most wonderful vehicle in the world: the sketchy food truck.
 Aedin: "Hook me up with some solidified grease!"

The burrito was so nasty that she started gagging even before taking a bite.

After choking down her septic chow, she saw the woman of her dreams.

 Aimes: "I notice that grease wrap made you put on a few pounds"
Aedin: "I'd happily become anorexic to please you!"

 Aimes: "Christ, what are you, 12?!"
Aedin: "Love knows no age!"

Aimes got the hell out of there before anyone starting thinking she was a pedophile.

Better luck next time, kid.

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    Lmao at the books! You ain't kidding about bookworm issues!

    One person bathroom party! Nothing says daddy issues like your parents forgetting your birthday!

    excellent, Aedin's catching on to the hipster way of dining. Food always tastes better in a truck.

    "Aimes: "Christ, what are you, 12?!"
    Aedin: "Love knows no age!!"