Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ethan for Download

A sad little boy looking for a kind home.

Once again, I use awesomemod with the max slider range set to 3. I have pretty much every single slider in existence. You can see a rather large list of them towards the top of Zak's download page over here. I don't remember what sliders I used exactly, but I recommend all sliders anyway.

Now to the CC!
Newsea's dragon hairstyle, retextured by Anubis
Ephemera's NV1 skin (most likely Pale, but could be Light. I don't remember which.)
Arisuka's eye bags (I don't know which one specifically because I downloaded the ALL file.)
Lemonleaf's N2.1 eyeliner
Lemonleaf's small pupil eyes and lipstick No 10
Shyne's cheek pores (Can you tell I'm addicted to this yet?)

For his everyday outfit:
Aikea Guinea's spiked bracelets (at the bottom of the post)
Aikea Guinea's jeans
NewOne's shirt for males
I don't know if I had to download something to make him barefoot or not.

You can't say "no" to downloading this face.
Don't make sad Ethan cry. Download him today!


  1. "You can't say "no" to downloading this face."
    Just look at that adorable innocent face!

  2. oh, i didn't see he was available to download. I am very happy. I will look after him and try not to make him cry. Thank you.

  3. You're welcome. I hope you enjoy playing with him. :)