Friday, September 16, 2011

Something different

Today I made a room with decor much brighter and cuter than I usually do, and I love the results. My intention was to make it a French-looking living room to put a French-looking sim in for some pretty pictures. I don't actually know much about France, their furniture tastes, etc, so I just threw together some items that had "Paris" in their download titles and tossed in decor that I thought looked nice with it. I think my decorating skills have leveled up after this project.

Bottom line, even if it's not actually French, it still looks pretty damn good.

This is the window area. I wanted large windows to be the main focal point of the room.

I may have gotten a little plant-crazy, but I like the end result.

Some nice cabinet/shelf clutter. And more plants.

The back of the room has a fireplace. It's not the focal point, so I left it pretty bare. Also, I didn't want anything to catch on fire.

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