Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Legacy: Part 5

Matty's painting career has really been taking off ever since he stopped sucking.

He even got 300 bucks for something he could finger paint in his underwear.

But he figured he could make an even bigger profit if he tried to rip off Thomas Kinkade. Too bad his artistic hipster obscurity keeps him from getting the mood right.
Oh well!

Feeling the fresh sting of rejection, Aedin blames her romantic fumble on the rank burrito she had eaten, and finally decides to stop talking about going green and actually swear off all corporate consumerism by growing her own 100% organic produce, completely forgetting that she is a vampire.
 Also completely forgetting that the only seeds she has are from wine grapes from France. Growing co-op, ho!

She's so anti-establishment that even a wandering homeless guy can't grasp the depth of her rebellion.

But what's this now?!
Aimes: "I've been reading up on on statutory rape laws, and since I can't actually penetrate you there should be no issue with me hanging out with you."

Aedin: "I now understand that you were trying to show me the oppression of corporate consumerism by rejecting my advances and then running away."
Aimes: "Yeeaaaah...."
Aedin: "So can you love me now?"

 Aedin: "Please! I'll worship every inch of you!"

 Aimes: "I'm not one to judge, but wouldn't you rather have something with balls on it?"

Aedin: "No."


  1. Holy shit 300$ for fingerpainting in your undies. I think I'm in the wrong industry here.

    Aedin is cracking me up... she can endorse Whole Foods! With her organic plasma! Lmao

    Aimes reading up on statutory rape laws = DEAD. I love when the speech bubbles work with the story XD

    LOVE the picture after "Aedin: "So can you love me now?"", it's like Aimes is saying "I GIVE YOU AN INCH AND YOU TAKE A MILE, KID"

    Oh my lord you made spaghetti into an innuendo! I LOVE YOU

  2. I think I love your comments more than my own legacy