Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Legacy: Part 6

Damn, girl, getting a little ahead of yourself, don't you think?

Fortunately Aimes agrees and opts to say good night.

Ashlyn and Matty, on the other hand...
Ashlyn: "Got wood?"

Matty: "You know it!"

Cori randomly rolled an interest in fishing when she became a child, which she happens to mention to Aedin, who immediately begins praising her for her interest in local food sources.

So Cori heads down to the bay to try her luck at fishing with a pole that is at least three times too big for her to be using.

While Aedin becomes completely enthralled with beetles.
Aedin: "I will name it Glitterfly, and it will live in my garden!"

Speaking of gardens, can't you use fish carcasses to fertilize your plants? You should probably do some fishing yourself.
 Too bad she sucks at it.

Cori, on the other hand...

And again.
Aedin: "How the fuck is she doing that?!"

At the end of the fishing trip it was Cori-5, Aedin-0. Cori put one of her new fishy friends into a fancy bowl and named it Balgoroth the God King.

And then something amazing happened...
SOMEONE TURNED ON THE TV. This is something unheard of in the Lo household, which is evident with all the books always lying around. Suffice it to say, I was shocked enough to actually notice and take a picture of it.

Meanwhile, Aedin tended her garden in her nightie.
 The girl is just trying to incite pedophilia, I swear.

Something pretty random happened after that. I noticed the mailman pull up in a taxi, which was weird. But even weirder was that he didn't drop off the mail. I realized I'd never actually gotten any mail, and sent Aedin out to check it. Turns out they can't get any mail because the garbage can is in the way of the mailbox.
 Well, I'm not the one who put it that way, and I'm certainly not about to fix it! Free utilities forever!

Matty got a call from OG Matty to go hang out, so he agreed.

But OG Matty called up to cancel the moment he got there because he was too retarded to know his own schedule. Matty was bummed, but a stiff drink and the bartender's tits cheered him right up.
Matty: "I don't know what a Bad Cheerleader is, but I'd like to find out."

Some people might think "that's horrible! he has a pregnant wife at home!" But Matty couldn't cheat on Ashlyn if he was paid to. He took his newly achieved boner back to her.
 Gross, mom and dad. Gross.

Cori is not amused. 

So they got a room. Ashlyn's back was hurting pretty bad from the pregnancy and all the hard fucking, so she went out to the spa in her maternity finest.
I'm digging the shirt pattern. 

Unfortunately she derped when she should have hurped and ended up at the gym, and guess who she ran into!
Ashlyn: "At least take her as a child bride before you get to licking, please?"
Aimes: "Holy shit, a celebrity is talking to me!"

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  1. Aedin is jailbait! In the best kind of way! SOMEONE PUT A PAIR OF PANTS ON THAT GIRL!

    Are those utilities free? NO BILLS, EVER? I think you're onto one heck of a cheat code there ;D

    LOl at the Bad Cheerleader... and bartender boobies. Those things can put an eyeball out O__O

    The phrase "derped when she should have hurped" also cracked me up. MY MOUTH HURTS FROM THE LOLING

    Matty is so adorable, I love how much he loves Ashlyn! HOW CAN HE RESIST THE BOOBTENDER!?

    And the last picture makes me crack up, Ashlyn could always eat Aimes for dinner but instead takes the high road XD